April Fools: office cabinet shuffle


It’s been a while hasn’t it? The idea for this came about almost a year ago when we moved into our new offices. We have these little padded cabinets that double over as little seats for people who come around and need to talk. (yes, i misspelled pedestal).

They’re supposed to encourage collaboration and they’re extremely mobile. They’re also begging to be swapped. So I did it!

What I did:

  • swapped 30+ coworker’s cabinets. (only people I knew personally.)
  • only swapped individuals so that person A got person B’s and person B got person A’s. No random swapping so that if someone really needed to find their own they could return it quickly.
  • left a name card of the original owner in the cabinet so it could be quickly returned if necessary.
  • left a small post it note on each cabinet to remind myself whose I’d moved
  • avoided upper management and people who I wasn’t sure would laugh*

What I DIDN’T do…and would have been more mean:

  • could have not left a name card and made everyone figure out whose was whose.
  • could have moved all 30 cabinets into a large conference room and made a sea of cabinets
  • could have moved them all into the male and female bathrooms.

I actually work on a different floor from my department coworkers so I didn’t get to see everyone’s reaction in the morning.

You can click here to see my other pranks at the office: link

Cabinet_Switch_April_Fools_collage2 WP_20140401_012 WP_20140401_016

The Aftermath: ResponsesResponse_EllenS



*I made 1 mistake. Misread the name plates and that caused some confusion when people were returning their desk. I apologized to her. Thought I was taking someone else’s. so close.

A Co-worker’s Farewell Gift


J’s a great guy. Ultimate frisbee enthusiast and great teammate.

A few months ago when J left for a vacation, my team decided to hook up a mouse to a really long extension to his computer. One of my coworkers made sure we didn’t use a wireless because those have register devices pop ups every once in a while (apparently he’s done this before). J and I have a half wall separating us and after J came back from his trip I wiggled the mouse. He got really tripped out and called one of the guys (who was in on it) over to see if he was seeing things at which point I stopped moving the mouse and our team had a good laugh.

Except we sort of didn’t tell him what was really happening and sort of forgot the mouse was still connected. A few days later I grabbed the wrong mouse and heard a  “what the…” followed by a “bang bang bang” as he slammed his mouse a few times on the desk. Should have stopped there…but we sort of didn’t.

It’s been a few months now, we’ve had a dozens of opportunities to stop. J’s leaving for greener pastures so as a farewell gift we revealed our mischief.

Now that we think about it, is he leaving because of us?! Oh man, we hope not. Gonna miss you J!

Revenge best served…with cream

revenge_1 revenge_2

The Context:

In 2004, my sophomore year, my small group coleader T.Hong convinced some upperclassmen that it would be a good idea to prank an young’n on his birthday. As described in my earlier post, he had a strange ability to convince others to do what he wanted. If everything went according to his plans, he could maintain credible deniability. Unfortunately, he didn’t account for the camera catching him passing off the cream pies red-handed.

I waited 8 years. 8 years worth of birthdays, graduations, and other big events that I steadfastly passed up the opportunity to get even. Only one night would be momentous enough for me to strike back.

Sweet revenge takes patience. When planned meticulously and executed flawlessly, the reward is refreshingly unparalleled.

The Result:

s2_wong&hong_ 1 s2_wong&hong_ 2 s2_wong&hong_ s2_wong&hong_ 3

” Do not f… with us” -Tyler Durden

The French Will Have His Revenge

It has been a while but you may remember the French guy from a previous post (here). At the last ever department (our dept is merging) white elephant, he decides to retaliate.

The French Will Have His Revenge
Ryan was about to give this to his kids. Good thing he opened it first.
The French Will Have His Revenge
Alex’s face is on a few things in the office. Now Todd’s is too.
The French Will Have His Revenge
All the guys on Alex’s hit list
Ah, tis the season to be vengeful!

Fooling the French Guy

The Inspiration:
I watched a trailer yesterday of a unique artist that I have been quasi-following for a few years. Ever since a friend of mine showed me a piece of his work in the heart of LA back in college, I was hooked. 
A Banksy piece in Los Angeles, CA
Despite his renown sketches, the rogue artist only known as Banksy has never had his identity revealed in public and thats why the trailer for Exit Through The Gift Shop caught my eye. Take a look at his wiki, he’s truly an artist.
The French Guy
At work, there’s a guy that everyone loves to make fun of. His name is Alex G. Now people aren’t mean to him but he’s usually the target of some kind of joke or another due to his thick french accent and overall just funny demeanor. He’s a great guy, he just finished a half iron man last week and loves to joke around. 
One time I was at the gym and there was a boot camp going on and there must have been 3 or 4 other French guys (our company has a lot of French people). Even they were poking fun at him. So I guess it’s less to do with the French accent and more that he’s just one of those guys. Plus he’s a little short. Actually, he likes to jokingly trash talk with people so that prompts half the retaliatory jokes that he gets.
Alex and I get along pretty well cause he gets to make fun of me for being the youngest and the greenest behind the ears in the group. It might be his way of establishing seniority, but we’re cool. He told me yesterday he might be switching cubicles and we might end up cubicle neighbors soon.
In any case, I decided he’d be a fun target. Plus I get the added benefit of him being a common target for everyone so there’s less a chance I’ll get caught straight away. I decided to pull a relatively mild prank, I figure the longer I stay at this company the more daring the pranks’ll get. As always though, I try to keep them enjoyable for everyone and edifying.
Enjoy the pics!
Rasterbate his image, assemble, and set up past midnight
The finished product!

Unlike Banksy, I’m not too good with anonymity.

Now comes the toughest part. Waking up in time to see his reaction =P