Epic Julian Pie Time

youtube’s latest sensation…it’s EPIC MEAL TIME. warning: nutritionist and health nuts stay away.

Epic Julian Pie Time
Do yourself a favor and avoid Julian on a 3-day holiday
Epic Julian Pie Time
 Best pies in the running: Mom’s vs Julian Pie Company.
Whatchu know about pies? Kreptonic presents “Epic Julian Pie Time” special. When we’re in the mood for pies, we don’t make our own. We go to the source, Julian, California…home to the world famous apple pie.

We don’t just go to any old apple pie place, if we’re here we go to the best. The gauntlet’s been thrown down. Last time, Julian Pie Co. rocked our world, but we’re looking for a little something more. The line outside Mom’s screams overhyped. We’ll see.

Now we’re not some collection of Canadian frat guys, and we certainly can’t eat 10K+ calories in one sitting, but we are a hodgepodge of pseudo gangbangers and ninjas. Take that.
Epic Julian Pie Time
M.Sandoval & R.Moy
They say it’s not as cold when it snows, well they’re stupid. Once you’re inside and in front of the ovens, you don’t want to leave. It’s one thing to simply enjoy pie, but it’s a whole ‘nother game when you want to just demolish it. The game face says it all.
Epic Julian Pie Time
S. Dai
Apple Crumb Pie. How many calories? I have no *squawk*-ing idea. No Stanley didn’t finish it by himself, we tag teamed that yummy goodness. Cooked fresh apples inside a crispy crust with cinnamon ice cream on the side. My belly’s about to burst and we got an hour ride home. 

Next time…we eat a boat.