Sun in Seattle!

The knock on Seattle  has stereotypically been that it’s always gloomy and rains. We were extremely fortunately throughout the week to have great weather with bright sun rays. It rained a bit on our last day so we felt like we got a taste of Seattle’s famed weather but this was far from expected. With sun like this from time to time and greenery all around, Seattle’s really an amazing place to be!

I really like the look of lens flares. The first few times I tried it I was looking through the DSLR eye piece and soon realized I was exposing my eyes directly into a magnifier. Whew! glad I wised up instantly and started using the view finder. I guess that’s a tip for anyone trying these kind of shots…don’t be looking into the sun!

from top to bottom: Pike’s Place Market, Olympic Sculpture Park, Gas Works, Space Needle, Chihuly Garden and Glass

IMG_5796IMG_5476 IMG_5483 IMG_5677 IMG_5685 IMG_5689

Blood moon




It’s lunar eclipse time! Last time, I was pleased to capture some solar eclipse (here) so here now is the other side. This special lunar eclipse had what was touted as a “blood moon” effect where according to la times, “The dark red hue will come from the light of sunsets and sunrises over the rest of the Earth.” (article). Have to admit the copper red was a little hyped up and definitely more muted in person. Could definitely tell it was red-ish but wasn’t quite blood red.

Photos were not edited in anyway so that you could see pretty much what I saw. Did bump up the exposure a little. You even get a little bit of mars in the 1st photo in the upper right corner if you click on it.

All in all pretty neat.

Double Exposure Photography



Double exposures! Love the look, the first time i saw it was on (link) and have noticed it here and there. After youtube-ing some tutorials and having a free afternoon, finally had a chance to give it a go. Not a true double exposure in the traditional sense, but trying to replicate the look produced some pretty neat results. Going to have to try this technique in a video! what do you think?



double exposure singapore



Freddy vs Myers vs Leatherface


I am not a horror movie fan…at all. Scares the life out of me. The last horror movie I watched was only because I thought “the ring” was a romantic comedy. Coincidentally that was the last time I ever watched a movie without watching the trailer or imdb-ing the premise. Yeah…”the ring” is no romantic comedy….

Tay and I go back to college days and ever since I’ve known him, October is his month of the year and Halloween is his holiday. He really likes his haunted houses and spookfests, if I didn’t know him better I would seriously be wierded out.

When he told me a month ago he had a few costumes he wanted to get some pictures of I thought he was talking about costumes you find at those shops that pop up every season. I had no idea what I was in for. Each costume except for the masks were weathered, singed, and blood stained by hand. The movie quality prop blood was especially freaky.

The shoot ended up being a crash course in horror lore and when it comes to stories like leatherface, it’s just best not to know. So here I am editing these pics late at night and I’m just hoping/praying that Freddy doesn’t visit me in my nightmares.

IMG_2502 IMG_2507  IMG_2523 IMG_2529 IMG_2510 IMG_2519  IMG_2456 IMG_2500 IMG_2475  IMG_2578 IMG_2549 IMG_2553  IMG_2569 IMG_2572  IMG_2581

emotions & faces: a cursory wander into self portraits


At Comic con everyone and their mother is trying to get you to take an ad or a free post card to sell their brand. On the whole I’m fairly good about waving them off but one of the booths had a card that caught my eye (shown above: @prideclothing). I looked at it and thought, “I think I can do that”.

Well it became painfully obvious that I would not be able to reproduce her half snarking/half mean mugging face. But while I had the camera set up, I thought, why not give other faces a shot? I’ve never done something like this before but I cannot deny it, it’s really fun! Usually I’m one who enjoys staying behind the camera, it was slightly disorienting but really fun to be in front of it.

I tried running through the gauntlet of emotions that I knew/learned about while doing Masterlife. Unfortunately most of my emotions are characterized about feeling “positive” or “negative”, or in dire cases, feeling “really positive” and “really negative”. We even joked that if we were to quantify it we’d feel +1 or -1 about something. “Emotionally ignorant” is a fairly apt description of me.

So I explored my emotional spectrum…and it was limited. After about 2 or 3 I ended up just making faces and reactions. Do reactions = emotions? Is surprised an emotion? Is exhilaration?

What’s an easy way to define emotions? Is it something you feel or something you are? If I said, “I am happy” vs. “I feel happy”. Do both describe emotions or is one a state and not an emotion?

As you can tell, I still got quite a lot to learn in the emotional department. In any case, this was really fun session of self portraits. I might even try working on some fresh faces and capture another batch another day. If you’re interested in doing something like this, let me know! You never know what could happen!

IMG_1393 IMG_1489 IMG_1483 IMG_1481 IMG_1469 IMG_1449 IMG_1420 IMG_1407 IMG_1402 IMG_1398 IMG_1394 IMG_1391 IMG_1384 IMG_1379 IMG_1373 IMG_1367 IMG_1362 IMG_1347 IMG_1343 IMG_1341 IMG_1337 IMG_1308 IMG_1293 IMG_1281 IMG_1275 IMG_1269 IMG_1266 IMG_1257 IMG_1490

San Diego Comic Con 2012 highlights