Florida – Keys West

(1/2) Keys West, (3) international, (4) SNUBA!!!

God moments:

  • During the call to Florida Keys SNUBA shop the person answering informed us we should head down ASAP when we land. In doing so we completely avoided the traffic of memorial weekend in and out of the Keys. We were able to go from Miami airport to end of Florida Keys in less than 2 hours. On the way out on Saturday we would see the line coming in to the Keys and getting in must have been at least 5-6 hrs long!
  • Waves were way too rough the first day and SNUBA was not an option in the morning. In the afternoon, the SNUBA store called and said the waves were calming down and we could go if we were still interested. Since the waves were so crazy that morning, it must have scared everyone off because we ended up being the only couple to SNUBA (another couple snorkeled) and essentially had a private tour under the sea in the Keys!

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