Zion National Park – The Narrows





God moments:

  • *Discharge > 100 cf/secĀ  is extremely dangerous due to high water levels and the flow rate. With the high sheer rock walls on each side there is no place to escape in the event of a flash flood. Gear rental companies don’t even allow rentals to people unless the rangers approve the conditions. We arrived on Friday and the snow melt was too high and so it became a waiting game. Literally on the last day at 1pm, the discharge died down to safe enough levels and we were able to go!

  • Since this was opening weekend of the area near Zion there were very few people there. We had such a serene hike and only saw a handful of people on the trail. The beauty was majestic.
  • K was recovering from a cold earlier in the week and so neither of us were sure this was going to happen. Going from sniffling to being able to traverse snow and icy water is no easy feat.


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