The Proposal


Project Pseudo-Name: LA Eats – The Real Deal
Location: Signal Hill Park (aka Hill Top Park), Los Angeles
Photos courtesy of my dear friends over at

It was not intended to be anything grand. The location gave a quiet nod to the city of Los Angeles that had been the location of our first date and many after. The intimacy and quietness allowed us to focus on the thing that mattered: us. A relationship we were proud to have forged through years of dates, calls, and mutual edification, made it much easier to see this as an exciting step on our journey together.

My friends would shoot from at a distance which allowed K to fully experience the moment, without a camera in our face. This was my way of physically capturing the moment while keeping the words spoken between K & I as words that were meant…for us. I hope I never forget her face as I knelt on one knee.

This shot is courtesy of a stranger! Her husband started pointing excitedly when they realized what was going on and afterwards, offered to email me the pictures. nice shot.


In 2010, the last voicemail I received from my dad was a birthday message with the final words “find yourself a good girl”. He would have been happy to see this day.

link to Part 2


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