How to make a wedding slideshow and enjoy it

We’ve all been there before. The lights go down at your friend’s wedding and the slideshow is about to start. Then it goes on…and on…and on. After a few minutes you’ve stopped paying attention and moved on to better things like food and conversation going on at your table.
It doesn’t have to be that way.
  1. Get decent resolution photos in order. older facebook photos are fairly low resolution.
  2. Upload photos to a photo animation site: like animoto
  3. Add music
  4. Export videos

Extra steps:

  • Adjust individual photo lengths and/or add music in external movie editor (FCPX, iMovie, windows movie maker)
 Also at 3 songs x 3 min/each you’re looking at at least 75 pics/9 min that’s 8 pics a minute up to 12 pics a minute meaning 5-7 sec per picture.
My recommendation is to pic out the 15-20 pics that really stand out to you. 15-20 for the bride, 15-20 for groom, and 15-20 for the couple. It’ll be tough but it really is better to get a good look than to have all these pics whizzing by where you have no idea whats going on.
Especially if you have group pictures. Before anyone can spot you two or themselves the picture whizzes by.  It’ll be tough whittling down your pictures =/ but ultimately it’s your choice.

Jing & Chris (slideshow) from kreptonic on Vimeo.

Kelly & Henry – Wedding Slideshow from kreptonic on Vimeo.

Chris & Tim (Reception Film) from kreptonic on Vimeo.

Ben & Emily – Slideshow from kreptonic on Vimeo.

Cindy & John – A Look Back from kreptonic on Vimeo.

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