San Diego: The “Overview Tour”

I love the opportunity to show people around this fine fine city. There’s never a doubt that they’ll leave without desiring to come back. so today I had the opportunity to bring a consultant for my company around the great city of SD. This was his first time in California so I had to give him the big picture. What a day!

I dub this the “Overview tour”. feel free to share and expand on the list!

  1. UC San Diego: turned out to be admit day so tons of student tours and colorful balloons. campus sure cleans up well!
  2. La Jolla Shores: gots to see the beaches. scenic route from UCSD to shores is truly a breath-taking view. stopped by some multi-million dollar homes on the way down.
  3. Mt. Soledad: best vantage point in northern San Diego
  4. Scenic drive down Bird Rock, Mission Bay
  5. Mitch’s seafood (Point Loma): yelpers go to to Point Loma Seafood. locals go to Mitch’s. added bonus that this week is burger week! $5 burgers all week long. Blue cheese bacon burger and crab poutine. ( for complete listings)IMG_1594
  6. Pt. Loma lighthouse: best vantage point in southern San Diego. Coronado island, downtown, harbour island views and glimpses of Mexico too. would have gone to the tidepools if there were kids.
  7. Scenic drive through downtown:  drive through harbor island, shelter island, SD convention center, and gas lamp districtIMG_1576
  8. Petco Park: this is a favorite spot of mine to bring visiting friends because it’s one of the few stadiums that lets people inside when there isn’t a game that day. BUT! on this day it was SD Padres fan fest and they had a free exhibition game against a Mexico City team. Totally unplanned. What better way to introduce America’s favorite past time than from behind home plate?!IMG_1585
  9. Stone Brewery: SD’s popular brewery with custom flight selections. IPA, Imperial stout, and a ruination. people sure seem to love their beers. fun for them. i like to people watch.  IMG_1588
  10. Balboa Park: speaks for itself…just go.IMG_1590
  11. El Zarape:  icing on the cake. 2 things one has to try in SD…seafood and mexican food. depending on your audience you go the greasy goodness route (Tacos El Gordo) or the clean and healthy route (El Zarape on Park Blvd. not Adams Ave). This place had great veggie options for vegetarians and 99 cent fish tacos all day every day for me!

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  1. I love SD because you have been a great tour guide! Hope you have new places for me to hit up this time, but I always look forward to the seafood and Mexican food.

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