SG Eats: Mellben Seafood (Lunar New Year Edition)


This was a very special meal for me. A few nights prior I was eating at a chinese restaurant in China town, Singapore when I noticed this unique dish that was on advertisements everywhere. It was called “Yu Sheng” and it’s a Lunar New Year dish that was created by a group of Singapore/Malaysian chefs looking to make something new. It’s a really fun and loud twist to the traditional get-together dinners. I can’t really explain it other than link a video.

I was so intrigued at dinner that I considered ordering it myself until I realized that’d seem really lame. everyone who was doing it was with family and here I was eating alone. So the next monday, I ring my ilmn coworkers and ask them to come to dinner with me. They chose Mellben and what a treat!

This is called a “coffee shop” which Singaporeans essentially call an open air restaurant. The food was amazing and much more affordable than the seafood restaurants downtown (like Jimbo). We had the butter crab which pairs beautifully with fried mantou, salted egg crab, but the one that stood out the most was the famous Crab Bee Hon Soup. Just thinking about this still makes me salivate. a cannot miss la!

links: HungryGoWhere, Yelp


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