Home Improvement: Phase 1 complete

7/21: Some people immediate make their surroundings theirs. Whether it’s a cubicle, a dorm room/house, or their car…they put their distinct imprints on their territory. For as long as I remember, I’m the exact opposite. Other than a Michael Jordan poster when I was kid I don’t think I ever really had anything hanging on my walls. Not in college, not after college, not even when I moved in to my new place.

Perhaps it’s the sense of settling down that’s extremely uncomfortable. In any case, it’s been over half a year and my walls are all really bare and only decorated with things that belong to my housemate. I figured it might be time to put some additions to the house.

At Ikea I noticed this deal at the ikea cafeteria. Anything you eat that weekend in the store get’s deducted from your furniture bill if you spent over $150. Decided to come back the next day with a entourage of eaters.


7 of us ended up eating $120 worth of naked juice, swedish meatballs, ribs, and chicken tenders…all free. slickdeal.

Master bathroom curtain separator:


Hemnes Mirror:


DIY Whiteboard: Pinned the idea from ikeahackers.net. TORSBY table top + RIBBA + mirror mounts.

home_improvement_DIY_whiteboard home_improvement_whiteboard_2

Thanks handyman Clariss for the tools and advice!

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