Team United: 2013 Champions…3 ‘peat!

photo stolen from George Tsai

Round Robin:
Game 1: United (6) – Hope (0)
Game 2: Lighthouse (6) – United (0)
Game 3: United (7) – Harbor (0)
Game 4: United (18) – Kairos (7)

Semi-Finals: United (25) – Hope (7)
Finals: United (27) – Lighthouse (13)

Beast Leap
photos stolen from Cam Kuey Productions

From fan to helper, helper to offensive coach. It’s been an honor to come along side these wonderful ladies. The winning is icing on the cake but the friendships between them is no joke. Girls have met, bonded, and even served as bridesmaid for each other stemming from friendships forged in their time together on this field.


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