Daylight Savings Grill Cleaning

Spring time is here so it’s time to fire up the grill. Wanted to grill a few weeks ago but when I went to opened it up, it was NASTY. I tried cleaning it myself, letting the grill slots soak in detergent for a good few hours but it was futile. This thing was grimey and carcinogenic laced. I’m not sure the previous owner ever cleaned it. I called in the pros.

Could they restore this Bully beast to it’s former glory?

BEFORE&AFTER grill_cleaning_1 grill_cleaning_2 grill_cleaning_3 grill_cleaning_4 grill_cleaning_5 grill_cleaning_6 grill_cleaning_7 grill_cleaning_8 IMG_3260

San Diego BBQ

Professional, fast, chill guys who did their thing and taught me a few things about the grill. Found these guys online. I noticed that having a clean, easy client experience seriously goes a long way. The owner (Blake) was working at poseidon restaurant over in del mar as a server and was doing this on the side 3 days a week until business took off. Now him and another guy who used to be the bartender at poseidon service the larger SD area. Always cool to hear guys who have the guts to go out and do their own thing. Great experience, highly recommend these guys.

Let the grilling season begin!

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