A Co-worker’s Farewell Gift


J’s a great guy. Ultimate frisbee enthusiast and great teammate.

A few months ago when J left for a vacation, my team decided to hook up a mouse to a really long extension to his computer. One of my coworkers made sure we didn’t use a wireless because those have register devices pop ups every once in a while (apparently he’s done this before). J and I have a half wall separating us and after J came back from his trip I wiggled the mouse. He got really tripped out and called one of the guys (who was in on it) over to see if he was seeing things at which point I stopped moving the mouse and our team had a good laugh.

Except we sort of didn’t tell him what was really happening and sort of forgot the mouse was still connected. A few days later I grabbed the wrong mouse and heard a  “what the…” followed by a “bang bang bang” as he slammed his mouse a few times on the desk. Should have stopped there…but we sort of didn’t.

It’s been a few months now, we’ve had a dozens of opportunities to stop. J’s leaving for greener pastures so as a farewell gift we revealed our mischief.

Now that we think about it, is he leaving because of us?! Oh man, we hope not. Gonna miss you J!

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