A Study in Film: Loosie

What an enjoyable movie. This movie caught my eye when I saw the trailers for it way back when but kind of escaped the mind afterwards. Right from the opening scenes the movie had a cinematic feel and I was interested in.

The plot was entertaining, the actors engaging and refreshingly funny at times. The main leads played off each other so well. The girl is from Thor so I keep expecting her super galactic friends to show up at any moment. It’s a love story that’s set in the midst of a pickpocketing heist setting…soooo goood!

Shallow field of focus, strong bokeh, tight framing with a lot of over the shoulder shots, close portrait/face shots. The framing made sense, the pace was surprisingly quick and the colors again had a unique look depending on the location and mood. The director also chose to blur vignette scenes involving the bad guys and the cops while any scenes with the main leads and their love story were crisp. Shot in shaky cam throughout the film. Some of these shots seriously hold on their own.

Go watch Loosie if you’re looking for a fun romantic/action movie that’ll appeal to both genders that still has good emotional depth to the story as well.

Quick notes because I’m going to bed. Hopefully they’ll make sense still in the morning.

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