Kimmy & John

Location: The Dana Hotel, Mission Bay
Graphic Design: Mary Young

“So let me get this straight, you don’t want the vows?”


“you don’t want any of the toasts?”


“No prep, first looks, or rings…you don’t want a normal romantic wedding video?”

“Exactly. Just capture the fun. I don’t care about the rest.”

With that, I got my requirements to go and shoot a fun wedding video for a pair of awesome coworkers who met each other here at work years ago. Despite the bride’s clear instructions,¬†I couldn’t help but put in the first part of the video because as you’ll see, it’s the first time I’ve witnessed an almost real ear-to-ear grin. Just had to show it.

Shooting wise, this wedding gave me a chance to try out some new gear I picked up. The Manfrotto¬†561BHDV-1 and the spider rig were used in this shoot with a set of Canon T2i’s. Editing in FCPX.

Fun fact: The first song is the one John sang as he proposed. Shout out to H.Vuong for providing the proposal footage.

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