JMW590 x KREPTONIC: iRRational Fishing

Josh has done it again. This time it was all caught on camera, from catch to final dish. We went out one morning ~6am on a weekday at the tip that there were schools of guitar fish right off the coast. There’s a funny trend that whenever Josh goes fishing with other people, it’s an uneventful day. But whenever he’s alone out there he brings back a couple of big ones.

After being out there almost an hour I decided to go sleep in the car and let Josh do his thing. Lo’ and behold he comes back with 2 catches. 2 fish → 5 course meal! Pretty amazing. Check out the video, like it, don’t call PETA, and give JMW590 some e-props if you think he should seriously consider a culinary future!

IMG_0641 IMG_0648 IMG_0642 IMG_0645IMG_0650



  1. WOW! i never knew josh had mad fish skills! after watching the fish bleed out, i think i’ll take my fish already dead, and bypass the catching them part, thank you, very much.

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