Claudeo: Empty Cages (music video)

Shot on the 4th of July. Chris was just strumming away on his guitar around the fire and I was playing with my camera gear trying to record the fire. 1 take; no practice, no lighting equipment, no audio equipment. One of those times the simplicity of the video reflected the simplicity of the moment.


I just got a second Canon T2i (550D) so I was itching to give it a run through. I also needed to figure out if there were any aberrations or major color differences between the two cameras so this would be a good test run. I just set one of my cameras down on a tripod, framed the shot and pressed record. I made sure the other camera was close enough to pick up the audio but it would be a challenge. It was almost midnight so we had to keep it relatively quiet in case the neighbors started pelting vegetables and shoes.


FCPX has a great “synchronization” feature that aligns 2 or more video clips using the audio waveforms peaks and valleys. I wanted to give the feature a try which was the real reason behind wanting to shoot something simple. 2 birds with one stone. Claudeo gets a quick video and I get to polish my editing chops. Color was removed due to high noise in such a low light situation where the only useful light came from the flicker of the fire.

That’s it.

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