Pursuing HK: And That’s The End of That

How it all started: “Kids…This is The Story of How I Pursued Her”

Welp. Guess this one gets filed under the “crashed and burned” category. No, not really.

No official word, but through the grape vine, looks like they went with someone else. This pursuit ends here. For now. A week ago the HR lady came back and said they were interviewing a few more candidates and it’s a telling sign I wasn’t their ideal candidate.  So the dream to live in HK remains just that a while longer…a dream.

Through it all, this little adventure reinforced that I’m willing to try something different. I’ve had so many great conversations over the past two months about living out our dreams and passions. This is but a minor bump on a long journey! Even though we don’t know where the path goes, I’ll take it one step at a time.

On the flip side. Things at work here have been picking up!

Over the last few months as I was confiding in my boss about where I saw myself going, we had some really good discussions.  Being affirmed and wanted here goes a long way towards wanting to stay and work harder.  I’ve been transitioning out of my robotics/liquid handling engineering role and into project management/systems analyst role which suits my personality more.

It’s funny. Sitting in front of working robots really isn’t my thing, I learned that over the last year. But here I was applying to a role in HK where I’d be doing exactly that; sitting in front of broken robots 40 hrs a week. In hindsight this might be a dodged bullet. I think more people nod their heads at that one that I’m willing to admit.

So yup. Looks like I’ll be in SD for a little while longer…and that my friends is an awesome thing.

On an unrelated note, weddings are a great place to meet people. Just an observation..


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