Project Resonate’s Chiyori.A returns Home

A dear friend of mine spent the past year abroad working with orphans and local churches. I had the opportunity to support her and visit for a few days last year as we filmed a few video segments and a creative peace. It seemed like just last month that we had collaborated on our video “Trust“before she left and now in less than 8 days she’s coming back!

Check out her blog as she chronicles her experiences over the past year. It’s incredible the work she’s done over there and as she spends her last few days and prepares to come home, she contemplates on the real meaning of “home”.

We also had the opportunity to catch up and through her sharing her experiences it really painted a picture of both her struggles and her triumphs. Below are a the web episodes we filmed over the course of 3 days.

Episode 1: Welcome!

Episode 2: Cooking

Episode 3: Living

Episode 4: My lil Friend!

Episode 5: Orphanage

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