Pursuing HK: And Then There Were Two

Quick recap of the last 2 weeks on the HK front.

4/22/12: Round 2 with the FSE team

After the first round of interviews with the hiring manager I got to sit in on a call and meet the team. Over the next 60 minutes I got asked a series of questions, ranging from technical to behavior. Most of which I was able to answer to some degree and in general express my ability to pick things up quickly.

The team specifically asked me to answer the following question, “why do you want to work and live in Hong Kong, could you please answer in cantonese?”

I heard the team crack up in the background. I guess I deserved it. If you put “fluent in conversational cantonese” on your resume you better be able to back it up. So I drew a big breath and let it rip…

Even if I don’t get the job it was super awesome validation to hear from a HK-er, “your cantonese is good“. Yeah-yuh.

5/3/12: Round 3 with HR APAC

This is when I started getting a little nervous. Up until this point I still had not mentally allowed myself to get too excited. In doing so, it was still more of a pipe dream than a possible reality. Interviewing with HR from the asia pacific region though, it started to get quite real.

It sounds like we’re down to the last 2 candidates and both of us are from SD. They’re not allowed to tell me who the other candidate is. HR lady’s flying back this coming week and will phone in with the hiring manager. If they can’t make a decision there’ll be a tie-break interview, but if not…an offer decision may be made by next week.

A move could potentially be as soon as late June. Crazy.

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  1. I was wondering what became of your HK job app and thought I’d check in on your blog. Any news since?? Late June! Crazy! Good luck.

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