Team United: through the lens of a 4K camera

2012-04-21 13

A few months ago my friend was super excited to show me his latest project. He told me giddily how they had rented a RED camera and used it to film a music video. I looked at him funny and said, “It’s not that uncommon, I’ve seen them at my football practices.”

He replied, “No, no. You don’t understand, that couldn’t have been a RED camera. There are only a few in the entire States. No one just owns one of these.”

Well apparently, one of the few in the entire states was at the football tournament on saturday. That, my friends is a 4K RED camera. It is so advanced Youtube does not have a quality setting for it…you can simply watch it as “original” and it will only show you 2K quality. Check out the size comparison below:

George Tsai of had been at a few Team United practices and I always marveled how unfazed he seem to be holding a $30K+ camera with footballs shooting by. The guy is an amazing cameraman.┬áHis latest work includes David Choi’s Missing Piece video which was shot on his camera. Check out the screenshots from the tournament below and marvel at the video itself at the bottom of the post. Thanks George for the awesome video!

Beware, if you don’t have great internet connection you may want to just chose 1080p or 720p. For higher bandwidths, enjoy the video in all it’s glory on the “original” setting!

*all screenshots and video credit to George Tsai of

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