Pursuing HK: Round 1: Phone Interview with the Hiring Manager

My phone’s been on the fritz for the past few months it shuts off when it’s charging and every few days it restarts. Last week the hiring manager and I confirmed a time that’d work out for both of us. Since we’re on different time zones ~6-7pm here correlates to 9-10am over there. I told him 6pm (9am his time) works best but he won’t get that email until he goes into work the next day so I’ll just keep 6-7pm open.


Maybe the slight bit nervous but everything should be okay. Phone restarts.

Ohhh man. this better not happen during the interview

6:05 pm

Phone restarts again

6:25 pm

Phone restarts AGAIN! My phone’s never done this before, restarting that frequently in a short time. If I were a bit superstitious…this would be a bad omen for the interview. I’m beginning to wonder if international calls cause my phone to restart.


Looks like the hiring manager had a few issues in the morning and final got to calling ~9:45am his time. The general gist of the job:

A production sequencing plant in the boonies (Tai Po) of Hong Kong. The main HQ of the company is in Shenzhen but they have a secondary plant in HK. The position would service the machines at the secondary plant in HK. Every once in a while we might the call to cross the border to fix a few machines in Shenzhen.

Unlike other typical field service positions that travel a whole lot to different areas, this one just serves a single company. They’re a pretty big customer so we have a dedicated team for their facility. It’s kind of a production style maintenance team. At any given time a percentage of their machines are down for various issues and we service them. When we finish a case, we take the next case. A team of 1 account manager, 2 field service engineers and 2 field application scientists work together. that’d be my team…they’re all in their 30’s.

9-6 job…manager’s from the states so these are typical hours for US workers. Totally abnormal for HK so that’s a pretty nice plus.

Growth wise, this position definitely has less growth compared to a systems engineer or analyst. Field service engineers don’t really progress too rapidly, so the hiring manager cautioned that I’d probably need to look elsewhere to continue my career, given where I want to go and do.

All in all the interview went fairly well. I put my best foot forward and I probably hear back this week whether the team over there wants to hear from me. We’ll see how far this goes!

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