LA Eats: Sunday Recap

Sunday Morning: Epicentre Church

Epicentre Church LA

1:00pm: Dim sum at Top Island Seafood, Alhambra

Top Island Seafood _1ClaraC LA Eats

3:00pm: Food coma

zzzz…and Oscar Red Carpet show, for the girls. Yeah.

4:00pm: 3.5 mi run, Arcadia

5:00pm: Doe Jon Station, Arcadia

Doe Jon Station revisited

7:00pm: Boiling Crab @ Wong Residence


Alas, another year has come and gone. LA has hosted some incredibly great memories over the years and there’s no shortage of food and friends to last a lifetime.

It’s exciting to see the idea of two of my favorite things coming together with each time around hopefully being more memorable than the last. Come join us next year folks!

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