Air Alert: Week 3 Update

Air Alert: Week 3 Update

Taking on all challengers. I’ve been fairly¬†lackadaisical in my training and thought maybe a challenger will help me get going. Today my standing reach is ~90.25 inches and my vertical at week 3 of my air alert training is 118.5 inches…giving me a rough vertical of 28.5 inches. Yup not much. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a reading at t=0 so I don’t have a true baseline. Oh well.

I took a step before my jump, you can have a running start if you’d like just keep your approach consistent while tracking from week to week. If you wore shoes in week 1, use shoes ever week to test…and so on.¬†You can use whatever training program you’d like; strength training, air alert, jump soles, polymetrics, whatever. Just be safe, do not over train, and in 10 weeks let’s see where we can get!

Leave me your standing and vertical jump and give me an update from time to time. Let’s see what you got!


first responders!


  • standing reach = 8’0″ or 96 inches.
  • jumping reach = 118 inches.
  • vertical = 22 inches.
  • methodology of training: crossfit


  • standing reach =7’6.25″ or 90.25 inches
  • jumping reach = 116 inches
  • vertical = 25.75 inches
all measurements +/- 1 inch


  1. welcome to wordpress, though i have been sadly neglecting mine. i should really dust it off. it’s the only online anything where i’ve been able to nab paulkim as the username!

    but dood, i was curious as to your thoughts on air alert. thinking of jumping on it soon. pun very much intended.

    • I dig your pun very much,also i am doing air alerts and its sweet i,m on week five and i have already noted a 3 inch gain on my vertical leap:)

  2. @Paul: a lot of people who’ve attempted air alert have walked away with knee soreness and stopped. I’ve modified the program a lot to take a lot of the stress of my knees. I’m just curious to see what other people are doing and what might produce good results. btw, love your photos on flickr (especially macklemore concert!).

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