Mother’s Day Weekend: the Prado

Mother's Day Weekend: the Prado

Hi Mom,

It takes a special person to raise a child, and L and I have had front row seats to a very special mom for a very long time. We can only hope that our actions display how much we appreciate what you do. 

To borrow a line from a great lyricist, “For a lifetime of service in the name of love, we wanna say THANK YOU”.

L & L.Hui

This weekend highlighted for me the full range of who mom is. The funny and quirky things she does including bringing down a huge sack of rice for my sister and oranges from our back yard. That stuff isn’t light. Demanding my car be washed despite 100% chance of rain in the afternoon (which I did…and yes it did rain). To scrubbing down my whole house because…frankly, she’s a clean freak. yup that’s my mom! I find that in the slightest ways that’s rubbed off on me. I’m cleaner, healthier, and live a far better life because of her.

She’s got that old school edge to her that’s unmistakable when she means business. Yet a split second later she can joke with the best of them. She comes from a strong line of women and I see that being carried on in my sister. Young gunners beware. She’s got great command of the English language but still blushes when prompted to speak. She’s got such a wealth of knowledge but submits to the authority of the Word. Yup, that’s my mom =D

This was a great weekend!

Mother's Day Weekend: the Prado
Mother's Day Weekend: the Prado
Mother's Day Weekend: the Prado
(left) rib eye (center) seafood paella (right) braised short rib
love how my mom tolerates these pics (last year’s)

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