Mother’s Day Weekend: Home-made breakfast

This year my sister and I decided to switch it up from previous years. due to scheduling conflicts, we decided to fly mom down and make it a mother’s day weekend mini-cation in San Diego. A special weekend for a special mum! 

It was going to be good…we’d get to spend some quality time with mom in sunny San Diego. too bad the sun decided not to poke it’s head out this weekend. no matter. here’s a recap of the weekend.

many thanks to J.Chen for lending the waffle maker. J.Lee and J.Wu for helping out and making it awesome!

breakfast menu:
fresh strawberries
strawberry jam
banana/strawberry/orange/mango smoothie
Mother's Day Weekend: Home-made breakfast
Mother's Day Weekend: Home-made breakfast
J.Wu made the strawberry jam on the far left. hit of the morning!
Mother's Day Weekend: Home-made breakfast
image courtesy of L.Hui
mom brought oranges picked from our tree back home


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