Five Guys

Five Guys
Bacon Cheeseburger and Five Guys Fries: 2 patties, tomatoes, lettuce, grilled onions and mushrooms

Word got around that new burger joints were springing up around the west coast. There was one right outside the Rock so we figured we’d give it a shot.

These guys really seem like they want to make a strong impression. Adorned on the walls are mini-banners and news/magazine articles all screaming high praise from various publications across the nation. At a certain point it felt like they wanted to convince me by showing their credentials instead convincing with their food. But I’ve yet to try something, let alone order. Oooh, free peanuts…a nice touch.

The menu is relatively basic but with much more options than In-n-Out. They even have a “little” version of their burgers which are a little cheaper. Toppings galore! Wow. lettuce, pickles, grilled onions, mushrooms, jalapeno and green peppers, various sauces. You can have it all too, though I’d doubt anyone would want all those sauces on the same burger.

Fries come in 2 types: five guys, which is a slightly salted version, and cajun fries. a little more on that later.

As I walked up to get my food i noticed the guy behind the counter putting my cup of fries in the bag (all food is served in brown paper bags). I remember thinking, “Man, I should have ordered the large fries” but just as I was thinking that the guy takes another big scoop of fries from the trough and fills the bag. oh dang…that’s a lot of fries!
old school fries. love them. never been much a fan of in-n-out fries. J.Chen got the cajun fries. SPICY. okay not really, but for a spice neophyte it is a bit over powering.
there’s a lot to like about this place, but most of us from Cali are pretty spoiled by the in-n-out culture. freshness isn’t a new option to us, it’s a necessity. This place is a nice break if you’ve been running up the times you’ve had In-n-Out lately. the choice of options will appeal to many and it does taste like a freshly home made burger. Which some will really like, and some will find it hard to stomach paying this much for.
check it out if you’re in the La Jolla UTC or Point Loma NTC area!


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