Louder: Deleted Scenes

Louder: Deleted Scenes
C.Angevine, J.Lee, L.Hui, A.Shiau, J.Chen, S.Chzen
An empty parking lot, a cellphone, battery powered speakers, a DSLR, tripod, and a few friends are about all that is needed now a days to make a music video. With a few free hours on sunday evening we decided to find a place to shoot Vision’s music video. My student ID no longer worked on some of the cooler buildings on UCSD’s campus, seems like security’s tightened up.

Housemates and friends made the filming of this video quite entertaining and I think you get that sense from the video below. Many thanks to the girls above for their selfless help. The presence of females helps dampen the amount of diva-ness on set (as reported in this clip). nah just playing, it was really fun.

A website picked up the video release which is pretty neat: http://www.channelapa.com/2011/04/louder-by-vision.html. Ohh and first online review from some blogger:

Rapper Vision has dropped an MV for the track “Louder”. The visuals are sharp and clean but very plain and a bit on the dull side. The song is fair, with a decent choice of instrumental but it didn’t exactly get stuck in my head. (atunes.net)

welp. not so great review but I can see where to improve (on the video side). hopefully this music video improved upon my last one and God willing, the next one will blow this one out of the water. so please stay tuned and come along for the ride! so much to learn, so little time.

fun fact: the four most expensive music video ever produced cost $13m, $7m, $6m, and $5m.

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