Ladies’ Lighthouse Mission Bowl: Team United vs. Harbor Highlights

Part I: Teaser

Team United’s 3rd Round Robin game.
Work’s got me traveling up to Norcal these days so I haven’t had a chance to do much with these highlights. Fortunately, the players and the plays speak for themselves. No need for any tinkering!

This was my first time shooting sports. Incredibly shaky the first game, kind of got into a groove during the semi-finals, but it got so cold during the finals the shakes come back. 

D.Lowe’s Recap: link
While we’re at it. A member of Team United and a few good friends of mine are currently in Shanghai right now! The team is led by David Pat and they are getting an idea of the work that’s going in the heart of one of China’s most populous cities. 

Chiyo just sent her first trip update so for updates please email her at chiyori.A (at)

I went with David to Shanghai about a year ago and it really opened my eyes. If you are interested in reading about my experience, please feel free to read my posts: shanghai 2010.

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