Ultimate! Reloaded

Ultimate! Reloaded
photos courtesy of Rachel Moy
C.Changchien and R.Falomir against Starridge
Has it really already been a year? Almost! This year’s ultimate tournament, hosted by the ever gracious CBC SD fielded 10 teams. Once again this year’s tournament fundraising efforts went to Hope Harvest International, an organization whose mission is to parent neglected orphans in impoverished areas in China.
Chris Changchien captained the team this year and his strong recruiting efforts paid off as this year CEC had a whopping 17 players on its roster. A core nucleus of 11 returning players looked great on paper, but scratching just a little deeper revealed only a handful of those players had touched a frisbee since last year’s tournament. the day before the tournament CEC lost rookie Eugene Lee to a virus. get better Eug!


(left to right) M.Sandoval dancing, T.Chang defending, team stretching, M. Wong catching, L.Hui throwing
(left) G.Moy with a ridiculous throw. can you even figure out how that frisbee got thrown?! (right) one of a few close calls that day
anyway. enough with the recap. CEC ended up going 4-2 through the day, beating out frisbee wizard Kuangkai’s team (the team CEC lost to in last year’s overtime sudden death championship thriller) in the semi-finals and setting the stage for a repeat appearance in the finals. 
unfortunately, cramps and injuries hampered both teams in the finals. Starridge ended up with the win but not before CEC had the tournament highlight of the day when Ryan Falomir dove superman style for the last catch of the day. Final score was ~9-6. Despite the loss, it was a great and fun day of ultimate.
inches from victory the last 2 years, you can bet we’ll be back!
on a separate note. having participated in a few different sports tournaments in the SD area, I firmly believe this tournament is consistently the most fun tourney. The teams truly come out to have fun and there is a great balance of competitiveness and sportsmanship. major props to the organizers and thanks for putting on a model competition that I hope becomes a standard of how sports ministry can be done.

Ultimate! Reloaded
that’s a happy bunch!


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