ILMN Winter Party

Earth. Fire. Water. Air

This year our company decided to go the professional party planning route and boy did it make a difference. Last year we had bottlenecks and a shortage of food but this year all was well. Located at Culy Warehouse, the party was sectioned off into 4 areas and each had an element theme. I did not take many pictures but hanging out with coworkers combined with an awesome atmosphere made for a great night. Each room had their own signature dishes. Earth had some gourmet sandwiches and casino games; Fire had steak, portobello mushrooms, and pulled pork sliders along; Water had korean bbq, sushi, and spicy kao chicken; and Air had…well air.

Air was pretty neat because they sectioned off a part of the street and we had lounge chairs and tables out in the open air which made for a much more relaxing atmosphere to talk. The highlight of the night had to be when one of my coworkers suggested to our group to “bump” into our CEO and talk with him. He reasoned that if he went up with just another person they’d only get to say a few words before someone else would say hi and derail the conversation. If we went as a group however, we’d stand a better chance of talking to him for a bit longer.

He was right! We made our way over and ended up chatting with Jay Flatley for a good 15-20 minutes. Numerous couples and employees came and said hi to Jay and he was always courteous but after a few words would turn back to our group and resume the conversation with us. Here’s a guy who heads up one of the brightest life sciences companies in the area, probably worth in the vicinity of 3/4 of a billion dollars, and he was incredibly down to Earth. We talked about a whole range of things, including our expected move down the street (link). What a thrill!

Fire: Dancers!


Earth: Chiyo tried leaving the table by going all in. Blackjack.

ILMN Winter Party

After Part

A few coworkers stayed downtown and partied the rest of the night away at various clubs. I took the opportunity to test some of my gear with the city skyline. Chiyo graciously agreed to play along.

attempting light writing at Seaport Village

Nikon 70-210mm f/4

nikkor 35mm f/2


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