Mandy and Joseph Harmon

Four stages of a wedding
Joe’s a funny guy. Everyone at work calls him Joe. So I was a bit puzzled when I got his wedding invitation and it led to a website I had no clue he was part spanish. Cause Joe y Mandy right?

Turns out his whole family and every friend of his calls him Joey. He has little to no spanish in him at all. They had a pretty good laugh when they found out he likes being called Joe at work. Must be a professionalism thing.  

3 weeks into 2011 and already two weddings. This is gearing up to be quite a year!

I loved the mug cause I need one for work, then I forgot to take when I left =/
newly weds: Mandy and Joseph Harmon!

newly weds: Mandy and Joseph Harmon!

newly weds!

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