Hash House: Hillcrest

Before my flight, a few of us decided to head down to Hillcrest for breakfast/lunch. The wait for a large table was over 1 hr and 45 min which meant our stomachs were growling by the time we were seated. Your wait may vary depending on the time you go and the size of your party. A house DJ spun some tracks and we found out we had come on “Santa’s Breakfast” day, meaning there were some specials on the menu today.
Despite the long wait to get seated, the food came out incredibly quickly after we ordered. Portions were massive and the food was incredible. I am not a breakfast person at all but this place made me think twice about that.
Hash House: Hillcrest
Once in a while, a perfect blend of amazing food and even better company come together for a dynamite eating experience.
Hash House: Hillcrest
(left) french toast (right) in Rich’s words, “a huge biscuit underneath a massive chicken underneath some eggs”


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