Lazy Saturday

Wind n Sea Beach

How I managed to live in SD for six years and just discovering this place today is inexplicable. Of all the beaches I have been to down here, I don’t think I’ve found a more relaxing one. There’s even a beach hut for those who don’t bring their own shade!

Lazy Saturday
Wind n Sea Beach: the view from my studying spot
I like to cruise around residential areas from time to time and admire the houses here in SD. Del Mar, Carlsbad, Cardiff, and La Jolla have such beautiful homes with incredible oceanic views. There is a wide range of styles and it’s a guilty pleasure of mine to imagine designing my own one day. 
I’ve been on Mt. Soledad before and I’ve seen the view from the top but this was a residential view. Some people wake up to this view every morning ! I actually stopped, reversed my car up the hill, opened my sun roof, stood up (while parked) and took the pic before another car would come up behind me. It’s amazing when a day with no plans lends itself to a relaxing adventure. The sun, the weather, the beach, the water…a perfect day.
Lazy Saturday
Mt. Soledad: residential view


  1. yah, wind n sea is my favorite beach in sd that i've been to so far. i've only gone twice though… one time i made a bunch of people go with me… but we never went back after that =/ i don't know why…

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