ILMN: summer fun in the sun

ILMN: summer fun in the sun
taking in the view at mission beach
A good friend and apartment mate from the college years is in town and just in time for my company picnic! Andrew Jang┬áseemed like he brought the gloom down with him from Norcal but later in the afternoon the sun poked it’s face out. It’s the third year in a row that my company is having the summer party at the Wave House. Man-made wave machines, hot dogs, hamburgers, and a good time. It never seems to get old. There is a bizarre joy in seeing your co-workers and bosses eat it big time on the wave machine.
ILMN: summer fun in the sun
(left) kid rocking the mini-wave runner (right) pro showing how it’s done on Bruticus Maximus
This is my second year attending and I swear I’ll get the hang of it before my time at Illumina’s over. Last year Josh and I tackled the larger wave machine aptly titled “Bruticus Maximus” but found ourselves completely dumbfounded by the machine. It is totally unlike surfing and much more like wake boarding. We developed massive whiplash after a few hours of falling of repeatedly wiping out. It’s easy to forget that under that 1 inch jet stream is some pretty hard plastic. This year I went in adament that I would only go body boarding on the wave machine.

Like that was really going to happen.


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