Illumina Team Red vs. Illumina Team White squared off in the ultimate showdown for the right to be called ILMN’s best softball team! This year there was unprecedented numbers with 7 full teams (~15 players/team) from Illumina participating. Unfortunately, none of our teams made it too far into playoffs in the biotech league with all of our top talent evenly dispursed among all seven teams. Due to the number of teams, this year there was no tournament style playoff for Illumina teams but the best record from thursday games would play the wednesday games.
The Red team started out slowly this season and along the way lost some players due to injuries and pregnancy. Yup, we almost convinced our 6 month pregnant captain to play catcher. Fortunately, wiser heads prevailed. As the season progressed it was clear that Team Red played significantly better against ILMN teams than other companies. After a 3 month season, ending the season with a 9-5 record was great!Today’s game was catered by La Taqueria and the entire seasons fees, jerseys, and hats were subsidized by Illumina.

pics stolen from A.Rebujio
It was a fun season and a learning one for me. Playing softball for the first time since middle school, I learned 2 big lessons this season. 1. Lean back on your swing, 2. on a flyball, an outfielder’s first step is always backwards. Yup, took a few balls to learn not to run towards it and then have to back pedal like crazy.
Team Red wins 12-7 and is crowned ILMN’s best!


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