It’s not everyday you get to reconnect with an old friend. I had the opportunity to hang out with Jon Chang, a roommate of a college buddy of mine. It is refreshing to be able to kick back and reminisce about days gone by. Along the day I got a glimpse into his side job as a music manager. Outside all the glitz and glamor, it sure does not look like an easy gig. By the time I saw Big Jon at noon, he was running on 3 hrs of sleep the past 24 hours after arriving in SD ~2am the previous night.

A few members of Feats in Inches¬†would join¬†Clara C on stage later this afternoon. There were sound checks, media interviews, meet & greets, promo video shots…all a bit chaotic.

A debate about where to go for lunch arose and my recommendation of Tacos el Paisa was pitted against Daniel Chae of FNI’s suggestion of Tacos el Gordo. In the end it was decided that SD’s best would have to be compared on the same day so el Paisa for lunch and el Gordo for dinner.

left to right: Jon Chang, Daniel Chae, Clara Chung, Stephen Lee
A Vision sighting!
ISA 2009 meets ISA 2010? more pics here
Clara performed three songs off her debut album coming out in September titled, “The Art in My Heart“. Great musical style. Seemed like there were some technical difficulties with the mics. The performances were even more impressive when Chang later revealed that none of the monitors had any feedback coming through.


Not sure who Chang was referring to when he said someone got all “fan boyish” on Clara at the meet & greet. I waited in line with Josh and walked up to Clara and said, “Can I have a picture…with your manager?”
People thought I was taking a picture with the bodyguard. Yup.


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