Mother’s Day 2010

Mother’s Day 2009

Since college I’ve started a tradition of making mother’s day a pretty special day for my mom. She’s a really special lady and every year my sister and I try to show her how much she means to us.

Last year was an epic one. A few friends and I decided to clump mother’s day and father’s day into a single celebration and it was a blast. Borrowing some ideas and the concept from GAP 2008, we put on a spectacular night of classy dining for our parents.

Appetizers: Bruschetta and lox on baguette
Salad: Caesar salad
Entree: King Crab with asparagus and steamed vegetables
Dessert: Opera Cake 

Mother’s Day 2010

Now as with any event, escalation can quickly get out of hand so I make sure not to top everything I do. So to that end, this year was a bit of a step down. I was thinking a trip home for mother’s day weekend would something my mom could enjoy in itself but I was pretty stumped on what to do or get for my mom. I hated the thought of getting her just flowers. Completely randomly, the night before I flew up to norcal, my housemate was playing with origami and showed me a really cool flower design! Thanks to Jessalyn, the idea was hatched and the plan under way.

Kusudama Flowers: made from simple office supplies

Paper flowers last forever and a reed diffuser means the flowers smell great for longer

Happy Mother’s Day!


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