HK Trends: Hit or Miss…they may be coming

Asian trends tend to take a while to make their way over to the States so here’s a heads up on ┬ásome unmistakable trends spotted over in Hong Kong these days.

#1. Frames without lenses

We’ve seen them before but maybe the return of larger frames make them more pronounced then ever before. Girls are wearing them, guys are wearing them. No lenses…just frames. Nerd fashion is still on the up swing.

#2. Angry Birds

They’re everywhere. No longer is this obsession confined to smart phone apps, these little birds sell like hotcakes…and in the photo above they’re literally cakes. They’re on clothes, they’re in commercials, there are angry bird mini sling shot toys on the streets. Fortunately, I think this trend won’t be rising in America any time soon. (Okay, perhaps I underestimated its global appeal as indicated in the comments)

#3. Double Decker Chucks

Chucks + an extra inch. These deceptive clones of the classic Converses look like a regular pair from afar. You almost don’t notice the bottom rung until you get pretty close.┬áNo wonder they sell well.