Sun in Seattle!

The knock on Seattle  has stereotypically been that it’s always gloomy and rains. We were extremely fortunately throughout the week to have great weather with bright sun rays. It rained a bit on our last day so we felt like we got a taste of Seattle’s famed weather but this was far from expected. With sun like this from time to time and greenery all around, Seattle’s really an amazing place to be!

I really like the look of lens flares. The first few times I tried it I was looking through the DSLR eye piece and soon realized I was exposing my eyes directly into a magnifier. Whew! glad I wised up instantly and started using the view finder. I guess that’s a tip for anyone trying these kind of shots…don’t be looking into the sun!

from top to bottom: Pike’s Place Market, Olympic Sculpture Park, Gas Works, Space Needle, Chihuly Garden and Glass

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Seattle: Snoqualmie Falls


Seattle is such a green place. From the moment we came in, flying over downtown, to leaving we were surrounded by green trees. The air is a bit cooler and everything feels so pristine. In some respects, it feels a little like Canada in the sense that it feels so unadulterated. The people seem more relaxed and generally nicer up there too.

After a few days of non-stop eating we decided to go to see some of Seattle’s nature. Snoqualmie falls was really pretty. There were a handful of hiking trails at various points in the region. Seattle definitely lived up to it’s beautiful natural reputation!

Downstream it powers an electric power plant that harnesses the power of the currents. It was a little weird to see such natural beauty interrupted with power lines and a plant.

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Seattle: Rachel’s Ginger Beer