TBT: Louder feat. Vision [Double Exposure Remix]

It’s throwback thursday!  A week ago I experimented with double exposures and I tried it out on some old footage. Here I got to mix it up with some clips from a music video back in 2011 and from new year’s eve/day in Australia on 1/1/11. That footage shot on the first DSLR (canon t2i) that I got just a month or so before the trip. Great memories.

Are you listening?!

diversion sound: Studio Sessions & EP Promo

Heyo! New promo up for Diversion Sound, a band whose EP drops real soon. A while back they successfully funded a kickstarter project and if anybody had pledged $300, they’d do a personalized youtube song for them…they got 2 of them! I wonder what songs it’ll be…and if we’ll get to enjoy them as well.

Anyways, for now, judging by their facebook updates, DS is pretty busy wrapping up the mixing and mastering of their EP. I really like their sound and particularly “Overwhelmed” which is the song used in this video here. Really look forward to enjoying the rest of their album.

G’luck guys!


They are now called “Finding Francis”, harking back to the name of their radio show back in college. More information and songs, check out www.facebook.com/findingfrancis