Potato Chip Rock hike a.k.a mount woodson trail

Distance: 3.9 miles each way (7.8 mi total)
Elevation: ~2000 ft

Potato Chip Rock Hike
M.Lau: resident parkour expert. when it came to potato chip itself, was pleading with his girlfriend, “please don’t jump. PLEASE.”
 Potato Chip Rock Hike 
Don’t let the following photos fool you. Despite my best attempts to persuade them otherwise, these following photos were taken. How much weight that rock can sustain is anyone’s guess…and it is razor thin.
video taken by K.Nguyen
The lower part of the boulder must have cracked years ago and left this thin precipice. Over the edge is a pretty steep drop of more then 30 feet onto solid boulders. 

IMG_5635 (1)
yoga + nerves of steel = amazing

Potato Chip Rock Hike
a scout is always prepared…and this one is deathly scared of heights.


IMG_5665 (1)
Potato Chip Rock Hike
V.Nguyen, K.Nguyen, J.Wu, J.Zacharia, D.Lee, C.Yih, M.Lau, L.Hui

*please do not ruin a fun hike day by putting anybody in danger on that rock.