King Of The Swingers (The Swing Ninjas) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

A few weeks back I was approached by my coworkers J.Wong and R.Patel about a quick shoot that could help promote the swing dance club at work and potentially be used for talent acquisition purposes. Most of the people in the club were in my old group so I thought it’d be fun. Totally blown away when I went to one of their lunch meetings to do some scouting but once the beat dropped they really started doing their thing! It was really impressive!

Concept-wise I went back to an commercial from way back in the day. I remember being in 8th grade when this commercial hit and around this time my core teacher started up a swing club at our middle school. Never was any good at it and I remember more than a few close calls with my arm being bent in different directions. Still, I always loved the vibe and feel of swing so I was looking forward to this.

Here’s some of the test footage for reference. The dancers were all improving and so it was a bit tricky but necessary to get them used to the idea of repeating improved movements since I’d be shooting with a single camera on the day of the shoot. They all went back and brushed up their moves and threw in some new ones!

On the day of shooting, SD was a little warmer than usual, hitting highs of 95*C. Even though we were indoors the heat made the floors a little sticker but everyone was still super excited. It’s super apparent they’re having fun and I’m just there hitting record. Finally, a little color correction warmed the shoot a little. I tried to emulate a little of the eye popping red that is in the music video for Cissie Redwick’s “Gimme that Swing” (link)

Couple more videos coming out soon in quick succession. stay tuned!

Photobombing the News

photo from Times of San Diego

Press conference at work today announcing our new future building. PR tapped a few of us to represent. Nice break in the middle of the day. Oh and I met San Diego’s mayor Kevin Faulconer.

fun fact: they were very adamant that we turn off all cell phones so nothing would disrupt our CEO or the SD mayor’s press conference speech. in the middle of their speech…BOOM…BOOM. sounds of dropped weights from upstairs weight room. guess no one told them there was a gym above us. that’s us laughing about it in the photo at the top.


Company Shutdown: Intense week!

A recent company employee survey indicated people were struggling with work/life balance, senior management decided the answer was to give everyone a week off and have us spend it recuperating, spending time with families, and gearing up for the second half of the year. Plus with people taking time off for July 4th weekend, there’d be reduced productivity anyways. GREAT idea!

The thought was to take the week easy, do some easy reading and rest. Most of it was really chill, but man there were intense moments. USMNT soccer’s down to the wire world cup game vs Belgium. Watching that at the San Diego Del Mar fair was quite a memorable experience.

Brazil vs. Columbia World Cup Quarterfinals: goooooooooooooooooooool!

Watching Brazil vs. Columbia in a house full of Brazilians is a whole ‘nother thing! Every save and penalty was pandemonium and this was an amazing picture capture by one of K’s uncles. Neymar’s injury at the end really put a damper on the mood but their in the semi’s with a shot at the finals. These people love their seleção brasileira futbol. DSC01809

Giants vs Padres: This was insane.

Eugene’s wife got him Giant’s tix for father’s day because he’s a bay area nut. They have a 3rd kid on the way and it was a really sweet gift to let him relax his mind before the new one arrives (g’luck E!).

The original seats were great, the lowest I’ve ever been at a baseball game. We went to get garlic fries in the bottom of the 2nd and when we came back a couple was in our seats and it looked like they were talking to their friends. The guy asked us if we’d be willing to switch seats and he pointed to seats a few rows lower. We agreed and he showed us his ticket and they’re row 11…that’s 4 rows from the dugout!!!

It is seriously a whole new experience when you sit so close to the dugout the players can actually hear you. Combine that with an extra innings win for the Giants to stop a long losing and offensive slump and it was FUN!! thanks Eugene!

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On that note, I start a new job tomorrow (same company). more updates on that later maybe. what a week!

April Fools: office cabinet shuffle


It’s been a while hasn’t it? The idea for this came about almost a year ago when we moved into our new offices. We have these little padded cabinets that double over as little seats for people who come around and need to talk. (yes, i misspelled pedestal).

They’re supposed to encourage collaboration and they’re extremely mobile. They’re also begging to be swapped. So I did it!

What I did:

  • swapped 30+ coworker’s cabinets. (only people I knew personally.)
  • only swapped individuals so that person A got person B’s and person B got person A’s. No random swapping so that if someone really needed to find their own they could return it quickly.
  • left a name card of the original owner in the cabinet so it could be quickly returned if necessary.
  • left a small post it note on each cabinet to remind myself whose I’d moved
  • avoided upper management and people who I wasn’t sure would laugh*

What I DIDN’T do…and would have been more mean:

  • could have not left a name card and made everyone figure out whose was whose.
  • could have moved all 30 cabinets into a large conference room and made a sea of cabinets
  • could have moved them all into the male and female bathrooms.

I actually work on a different floor from my department coworkers so I didn’t get to see everyone’s reaction in the morning.

You can click here to see my other pranks at the office: link

Cabinet_Switch_April_Fools_collage2 WP_20140401_012 WP_20140401_016

The Aftermath: ResponsesResponse_EllenS



*I made 1 mistake. Misread the name plates and that caused some confusion when people were returning their desk. I apologized to her. Thought I was taking someone else’s. so close.

A Co-worker’s Farewell Gift


J’s a great guy. Ultimate frisbee enthusiast and great teammate.

A few months ago when J left for a vacation, my team decided to hook up a mouse to a really long extension to his computer. One of my coworkers made sure we didn’t use a wireless because those have register devices pop ups every once in a while (apparently he’s done this before). J and I have a half wall separating us and after J came back from his trip I wiggled the mouse. He got really tripped out and called one of the guys (who was in on it) over to see if he was seeing things at which point I stopped moving the mouse and our team had a good laugh.

Except we sort of didn’t tell him what was really happening and sort of forgot the mouse was still connected. A few days later I grabbed the wrong mouse and heard a  “what the…” followed by a “bang bang bang” as he slammed his mouse a few times on the desk. Should have stopped there…but we sort of didn’t.

It’s been a few months now, we’ve had a dozens of opportunities to stop. J’s leaving for greener pastures so as a farewell gift we revealed our mischief.

Now that we think about it, is he leaving because of us?! Oh man, we hope not. Gonna miss you J!