3 Sisters Waterfalls Hike


Descanso, California

Distance: 4 miles

3 sisters falls is a great workout! For a hilarious read, check out the yelp reviews (here) and you’ll find the largest variance in experiences. Some range from “this was so easy” to “this was so intense a few guys had to get helicoptered out!”

This hike has it all, it’s part hike, part sliding, and part rock climbing. It starts out with one path but halfway through there are many routes to the falls and it becomes a mini choose-your-own adventure! Do you cross the stream or do you continue along the same side? Do you jump over to the huge rocks or do you find a safer route? Should you brush against those 3 leafed branches that look an awful lot like poison oak?

At the end is a pretty neat but kind of smaller-than-in-real-life-than-pictures waterfalls. It’s a good time to go right now just as the rains have come through a few weeks back and the springs are gushing with water. A few months later and I hear the springs dry down to a trickle.

There are portions of this hike that are so steep you really need shoes with some type of grip. That or you could resort to sliding on your butt because for those portions, you don’t really hike down, you control slide down. There’s nothing scarier than having someone behind you with that slipping sound!

When you get to the falls, the water is frigid, even if it’s pretty hot. You could attempt to slide down the waterfalls but the bottom pools are so shallow you’re really risking some broken bones. so yeah. not as fun for water as the devils punch bowl hike but still a fun workout!

There were points where I legitimately felt someone could get dangerously hurt. It’s amazing there aren’t more accidents up there but if you’re safe, know your physical boundaries, and don’t try to impress everyone insight…it’s a decent adventure.

IMG_32643_sisters_falls_2 IMG_32723_sisters_waterfalls_1 IMG_3282 IMG_32843_sisters_falls_3 IMG_3294 IMG_3302 IMG_3303

It’s called 3 sisters falls for a reason and after you get to the first falls you need to do some mild rock climbing and slight more dangerous maneuvering to get to the 2nd and the 3rd. Above is the 2nd sister.

Here’s where my fear of heights really started tingling and almost got me caught in a bad position. Some guys took my phone over to the waters edge and snapped the following shot. Don’t know how people can get so close to the edge and not be afraid…crazy. The view from atop the 3rd sister.


Alpha Warrior – Ninja Warrior meets main stream fitness

alpha warrior collage

Syl from Active.com posted a link to my wall on my birthday about this event and I got so excited! (thanks again Syl!) Partly because I stubbornly believe I’m heading into the prime years of my life and because ever since I saw Fon’s brother’s american ninja warrior video (here) I’ve wondered what it would be like to do something like it.

Well here we got to demo the course for free today! Before the Alpha Warrior franchise comes back on tour in March they decided to give some people a run and get some feedback about the course. A chance to fail spectacularly and not have to pay? I’m so in!

They said they brought out only 1/3 of their stations with each station providing pretty unique challenges. Alcatraz was by far their behemoth. A 3 tiered structure consisting of mesh tunnel crawls, monkey bars, station jumps, and uneven bars. When I got to the top teir 30+ feet off the ground, the heights and the ever so slight sway got to me. Station jumping was physically easy but mentally taxing. I knew the net meant only a 5-8 foot drop but staring down you could see the entire drop to the floor, the uneven bars weren’t any easier as displayed below.

Could not complete all the obstacles due to a horribly weak wrist and unfortunately had an incident with a sprained shoulder with one of our guys, but all in all…super fun! Back muscles tingling. It was probably a little too easy for some but when they bring out the other 2/3 of the course in March it’ll be a sight to see.

spider wall and uneven barsAlpha Warrior Prove IT

They had a really good camera crew there. Check out the promo for video footage of the actual course (action starts halfway in).

San Diego Comic Con: Walking Dead Experience

Couples that survive zombie apocalypses together stay together…or something like that. J and K are getting married this coming weekend and to prepare for all that craziness they did the “Walking Dead Experience” with a few friends. It’s essentially a zombie run through a deserted Petco Park (home to the SD Padres). The course covers 1.5 miles, there are huge portions of straight up sprinting for you life, dodging zombies, clearing obstacles…this was no joke, real blood was spilt! It took them ~35 mins to finish.

At the end of the course is an inspection zone; all survivors are screened and any that infected (touched by zombies) are quarantined and dealt with.

Their experience was recorded on a GoPro and I edited it down to a 8 min exhilarating ride. Didn’t ask permission from J yet actually, so I might take this down later. In the mean time. Enjoy!

Team United: through the lens of a 4K camera

2012-04-21 13

A few months ago my friend was super excited to show me his latest project. He told me giddily how they had rented a RED camera and used it to film a music video. I looked at him funny and said, “It’s not that uncommon, I’ve seen them at my football practices.”

He replied, “No, no. You don’t understand, that couldn’t have been a RED camera. There are only a few in the entire States. No one just owns one of these.”

Well apparently, one of the few in the entire states was at the football tournament on saturday. That, my friends is a 4K RED camera. It is so advanced Youtube does not have a quality setting for it…you can simply watch it as “original” and it will only show you 2K quality. Check out the size comparison below:

George Tsai of GTsai.com had been at a few Team United practices and I always marveled how unfazed he seem to be holding a $30K+ camera with footballs shooting by. The guy is an amazing cameraman. His latest work includes David Choi’s Missing Piece video which was shot on his camera. Check out the screenshots from the tournament below and marvel at the video itself at the bottom of the post. Thanks George for the awesome video!

Beware, if you don’t have great internet connection you may want to just chose 1080p or 720p. For higher bandwidths, enjoy the video in all it’s glory on the “original” setting!

*all screenshots and video credit to George Tsai of GTsai.com

Daughter Project 5K run: Mission Bay


Mission Beach 5K run

Distance: 3.1 miles

Organization: Daughter Project

A sample of the things I learned from V.Hui, studying performance physiology, this morning…

  1. Jam serves the same purpose as GU. Sugar energy…fast.
  2. It’s better to warm up by running a mile than stretching before a workout. Something about compliance and non-compliance.
  3. water + baking powder (in trace amounts of some quantity i forgot) transports lactic acid to type 1 muscles which break down lactic acid better than type 2 muscles.
  4. type 2 muscles = fast twitch muscles
  5. spoonful of pickle juice > bottle of powerade

There was much more. I forgot.


許’s: K.Hsu, N.Hui, V.Hui, L.Hui

ILMN Basketball: Get Your Game On!

ilmn basketball

End of March Madness’ll bring about a whole other round of excitement around here at work. Orthopedic surface + acrylic backboards = awesome! Double rim (boo).

Viewable by 2/3 of the company offices so no more 1+ hr lunches (boo)…hopefully more intense games now that the other guys’ll have some people to impress. Sand volleyball courts on the right (but who cares about those), and large grass field in back (for ultimate!).

Air Alert: Week 3 Update

Air Alert: Week 3 Update

Taking on all challengers. I’ve been fairly lackadaisical in my training and thought maybe a challenger will help me get going. Today my standing reach is ~90.25 inches and my vertical at week 3 of my air alert training is 118.5 inches…giving me a rough vertical of 28.5 inches. Yup not much. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a reading at t=0 so I don’t have a true baseline. Oh well.

I took a step before my jump, you can have a running start if you’d like just keep your approach consistent while tracking from week to week. If you wore shoes in week 1, use shoes ever week to test…and so on. You can use whatever training program you’d like; strength training, air alert, jump soles, polymetrics, whatever. Just be safe, do not over train, and in 10 weeks let’s see where we can get!

Leave me your standing and vertical jump and give me an update from time to time. Let’s see what you got!


first responders!


  • standing reach = 8’0″ or 96 inches.
  • jumping reach = 118 inches.
  • vertical = 22 inches.
  • methodology of training: crossfit


  • standing reach =7’6.25″ or 90.25 inches
  • jumping reach = 116 inches
  • vertical = 25.75 inches
all measurements +/- 1 inch