TBT: Louder feat. Vision [Double Exposure Remix]

It’s throwback thursday!  A week ago I experimented with double exposures and I tried it out on some old footage. Here I got to mix it up with some clips from a music video back in 2011 and from new year’s eve/day in Australia on 1/1/11. That footage shot on the first DSLR (canon t2i) that I got just a month or so before the trip. Great memories.

Are you listening?!

Double Exposure Photography



Double exposures! Love the look, the first time i saw it was on lynnchyi.com (link) and have noticed it here and there. After youtube-ing some tutorials and having a free afternoon, finally had a chance to give it a go. Not a true double exposure in the traditional sense, but trying to replicate the look produced some pretty neat results. Going to have to try this technique in a video! what do you think?



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