City Eats

What it is:

City eats distilled down to it’s essence is about people, the city, the food. In that order. It’s an annual trip to catch up with old friends and make new memories by exploring the great city of angels.

The inspiration for LA eats:

My introduction to LA started back in college with a few high school friends. As we criss-crossed our way across LA to visit friends at UCLA

What qualifies as a place to be LA eats worthy:

Food to me, is all about the company. It’s extreme, but I’m happier eating MickeyD’s with a group of friends than alone at a fine restaurant anywhere.


Where has LA eats gone?

LA Eats 2013:

  • Bru’s Wiffle
  • TLT Food
  • Milk
  • Izakaya Honda Ya
  • Volcano Tea
  • JTYH restaurant
  • Half & Half
  • Almansor Park
  • Mei Long Village
  • Salju Dessert

LA Eats 2012:

LA Eats 2011:

LA Eats 2010:

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