London – A Refined City

Top to Bottom: (1) British pub food in downtown with our generous guests (2) All Saints Church (3) London Symphony Orchestra open rehearsal practice in Trafalgar Square (4/5) Big Ben (6) Westminster Church (7) Buckingham Palace (8) Dishoom. Indian Restaurant (9) Hyde Park (10) Sunny Day in Highbury. Suns out, people out (11) monopoly (12) Camden Markets (13) Borough Market.

Malaga – La Ciudad Bella

Malaga – Biz Class

“Paging Mr. H”

“Sir, we’re terribly sorry, would it be okay to bump you up to business class?


Cancun – Where Work Meets the Sea

Bangkok – Glances


Bangkok – Gaggan

This was one memorable fine dining experience. Thanks to TJ for handling the planning and all the explanations of the dishes in context to their origins. Fantastic food, great company and a funny, fascinatingly idiosyncratic chef.

The 10 Most Exclusive Michelin Starred Restaurants In The World

Bangkok – Muay Thai & Trampoline

J&C Proposal

Venice Canals

It’s Family Time

New year. New Family.