Pedal the Cause 2022 – Why I Ride

I still remember it pretty vividly. I was sitting in the MTR in Hong Kong with my parents and my sister, coming home from something later in the evening. We were fairly alone in our section which is pretty rare for a city as packed as HK is.

My dad tells my sister and I that he’s got some news. It’s nothing to worry about but definitely something. The doctor has found some shadows on his last scan and they’ll need to do more tests. In the ensuing years those shadows would morph and start a fight for life.

Over the years, this dreadful conversation has been repeated in families and between loved ones all around the world. Far too many of them end in gut-wrenching and painful loss. I am too acquainted with this disease. Both my granddads had it, my dad had it, my mom’s had it, those closest to me have battled it.

So this April 9th, I’m joining the cause and biking 25mi to raise money for collaborative cancer research to cure cancer in our lifetime. Because f*** cancer. Will you join me?

K’s doing it as well if you’d like to support her!:

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