K&L BTS – Photographs & Years

I thought I’d share a little behind the scenes of what went into this video and how it came to be.

Ed Sheeran – “Photograph”

The first time I saw Ed Sheeran’s music video I was inspired to emulate it for our wedding video. It’s interesting that Sheeran’s song about photographs would be depicted in his music video almost exclusively through videos. I guess you could make the point a video is but 24 or 30 photographs a second. I’ve always felt that photos capture such compelling stories but miss such a critical aspect of personality and motion made visible through videos. Around the 1:46 mark you begin to see this transition from stills to motion pictures as K transitions from a young girl into womanhood.

As K and I went through her pictures we found so many gems. We decided to choose a select few to make this video, the rest would be shown on loop on the side in a separate video.

Lukas Graham – “7 Years”

I vividly remember driving and this song came on the radio. I’ve never connected with a song so thoroughly, by the time the song sings about turning 60, I was in tears. The song walks through life first looking up to his parents and hearing their words, growing up and experiencing life, and later hoping to live to 60 where he will have hoped to live a good life.

A week before my dad passed, the last voice message I received from him was on my 25th birthday where he wished me, “happy birthday son, find yourself a good girlfriend. Love you“.

Lukas’ father passed at 61, mine at 60.

I watched the music video with K and was in tears again. She encouraged me to use this song and make this video. Fortunately, my family is all about preserving memories, it’s a trait that has passed down to me. Over the past few months I digitized all our VHS home videos, distilling what I could to capture my life through the years.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the last clip in the video. The video is from a graduation gift one of my groomsmen (TH) and 3 great brothers (ML, CD, EL) made for me. They had secretly driven up to the bay and recorded a ton of clips of my childhood places and a few precious words from my family and my dad. I am forever grateful for that gift and for that memory. While K never got to meet him in person she got to see what he was like and hear his words.

Few people knew that Oct 31st is the anniversary of my dad’s passing, it would be 2 days after the wedding. This would be a tribute to my dad and his words would resonate once again with me.

On Oct 29, 2016. I married that girl, dad. Love you too.

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