April Fools: office cabinet shuffle


It’s been a while hasn’t it? The idea for this came about almost a year ago when we moved into our new offices. We have these little padded cabinets that double over as little seats for people who come around and need to talk. (yes, i misspelled pedestal).

They’re supposed to encourage collaboration and they’re extremely mobile. They’re also begging to be swapped. So I did it!

What I did:

  • swapped 30+ coworker’s cabinets. (only people I knew personally.)
  • only swapped individuals so that person A got person B’s and person B got person A’s. No random swapping so that if someone really needed to find their own they could return it quickly.
  • left a name card of the original owner in the cabinet so it could be quickly returned if necessary.
  • left a small post it note on each cabinet to remind myself whose I’d moved
  • avoided upper management and people who I wasn’t sure would laugh*

What I DIDN’T do…and would have been more mean:

  • could have not left a name card and made everyone figure out whose was whose.
  • could have moved all 30 cabinets into a large conference room and made a sea of cabinets
  • could have moved them all into the male and female bathrooms.

I actually work on a different floor from my department coworkers so I didn’t get to see everyone’s reaction in the morning.

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Cabinet_Switch_April_Fools_collage2 WP_20140401_012 WP_20140401_016

The Aftermath: ResponsesResponse_EllenS



*I made 1 mistake. Misread the name plates and that caused some confusion when people were returning their desk. I apologized to her. Thought I was taking someone else’s. so close.

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